Terms & Conditions

Please let us know about any problems you experience using the contact information on our website first. We aim to minimize the possibility of a problem because the first time you use the product and useful information about our users informed of possible deficiencies. In this context, please use the information to be provided in case you instructions on how to use and apply the product in full you try to use our products correctly before the case is satisfied that the work that the product is defective.

Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is our policy that we try to serve you better in the context of any problems you encounter on this site, and we can help quickly is subject to compliance with the following;

  •  The order of the customer to return the product can be sold as soon as the cargo should be delivered to him authorized before checking in. Shipping package or packages should any deterioration in the situation of the couching extradition proceedings taking delivery of the product, if any. After delivery, refunds are unacceptable in relation to the alleged damage during shipping products.
  • In order to return the products being used by accepting the package caused by the production of the product sold and cargo must be unavailable due to an error.
  • Product not been experiencing any problems with contrast, customer service quality policy by opening the product package in the frame and, if used, from the date of delivery of the product 7 (seven) you can return to the form that you have checked in the day. Extradition request can be transmitted to return the items after accepting the request. If sent by return goods while cargo shipping fee belongs to the customer.