How to install custom dictionaries on kobo eReader

How to install custom dictionaries on kobo eReader />

To add a user-defined dictionary to a Kobo e-book reader, you need to have a dictionary file in a supported format, which is why we call it a kobo dictionary file. You can check the operation on your EReader. In order to use the dictionary add option, you need to download sqlitebrowser in this link. It is meant to be followed.

The kobo dictionary patch file to be shared in this narrative is currently prepared for the latest version of Kobo's 4.19.14123 software, e-readers will need different patch files for future updates. If the patch version does not match the software of your device, the links will be added when you type in the dialog box at the bottom right. After downloading the appropriate version to our computer, connect the eReader to the PC and install it in the KOBOeReader (H:) / .kobo folder.

for v4.19.14123 you can download this link patch.

-  When our eReader is connected to the PC, KOBOeReader (H:) / .kobo / Kobo / Kobo eReader.conf file in the [ApplicationPreferences] tab, under the Current_Locale = tr line, put the dictionaries in two letters (let's say prefix) and comma multiple. In this example, I will add 3 dictionaries, one in Ottoman and two in English.

ExtraLocales=os, e1, e2

- We name the Kobo dictionary files using the prefixes given above and copy them into the KOBOeReader (H:) / .kobo / dict folder.

- Right-click on each dictionary file and note the value of Properties -> Size on disk by removing points.

- We open the KoboReader.sqlite database file in KOBOeReader (H:) / .kobo / directory by clicking File -> Open Database with Sqlitebrowser program.

- In the View data -> Dictionary tab, using the suffixes of the file we just named above,

- We add new dictionaries as below by using the file sizes that we take note of the blank lines opened with the New Record button. We then save the changes with Write Changes.

-e1 | Extra:_e1 English First | true | 11636736 | true
-os | Extra:_os Osmanlıca | true | 8908800 | true
-e2 | Extra:_e2 English Second | true | 3850240 | true

- After completing all these works, after removing the device safely, the eReader will process for a while and restart. In the search section in the upper right corner of the homepage, we check that the dictionaries are loaded correctly by typing a word for each dictionary with the Search in dictionary option. After opening any e-book, if the new dictionary does not appear in the list when you hold down the word, you can go back to the e-Reader homepage and open the e-book to see the word meaning again..

- If English dictionary is not enough, can download the English-English dictionary from this link or here