Uploading eBooks to eReader Wireless

Uploading eBooks to eReader Wireless />

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One of the most recent questions from eReader users is that the computer does not see eReader even though it is charging. First of all, I recommend that they try to connect the device from different PCs and using different USB cables. If there is still no connection, only one way remains. Wireless e-book transfer.

The Calibre program's Wireless connectivity allows books to be transferred to the eReader without using a USB cable. Tools needed: WiFi connection, PC and Calibre installation. The connection is created by selecting "Start wireless device connection" from the "Connect / Share" menu.

Password is optional and the system is given an IP address.

After the wireless connection is created, the service becomes ready with the "Start Content server" option.

In the last case, it may be the eReader or the tablet, the IP and port information to be used to connect appears.

(Browser was used to create images) eReader can be accessed by entering Calibre's IP and port information in the URL field using the web browser feature. If the relevant interface is not loaded with "Loading, please wait ..." warning at this stage, you can switch to a simple interface by clicking "You can also use simple, non-javascript version of this site: here" option.

Thus, the documents in the Calibre program can be viewed with thumbnails in the web browser. (Only the books are listed in the simple interface without Javascript)

In the last step, the e-book to be downloaded is selected and the Download book button is downloaded to the eReader. In the simple interface, next to each book, the download confirmation window appears with the button (epub / pdf).