New Product: Kobo Forma

New Product: Kobo Forma />

Today Kobo has announced a new eBook reader named Kobo Forma. Kobo announced a new eReader shortly after the recently launched Kobo Clara HD. Being the most innovative eReader to date, this device doesn't bring the Kindle Oasis to mind. (Reminds me of The Wexler Flex, which was launched in Russia in 2012). One of the most important features of the page is the turn buttons on one side of the screen, which Kobo has never had before.

To briefly mention its features:

- You can read in portrait or landscape mode and set the display to rotate automatically.

- The Kobo Forma features an 8-inch E-ink screen at 300 ppi and includes Kobo's color-adjustable front light. (Comforlightpro)

- The most important feature is that it was one of the first eReaders to use the flexible plastic-based E-ink screen, so it is much more durable and lighter than a typical e-ink screen.

From this press release:

Kobo Forma is the most durable eReader available with the introduction of Mobius technology that uses a flexible plastic layer inside the screen. This allows for an ultra-slim and lightweight device that provides a high degree of resistance to withstand the pressures of everyday use. Thanks to the impact test, the Kobo Forma has been found to be more resistant to drops, more bending, bending, full bags, and overloaded backpacks more than 2 meters than any previous eReader.

- Even with the larger 8-inch display, the Kobo Forma weighs only 197 grams. It's lighter than the 6-inch Kindle Paperwhite.

- Kobo Forma is waterproof with IPX8 rating. It has 8GB of storage, WiFi, micro USB port and 1200 mAh battery.

- 160 x 177.7 mm, 8.5 mm thick with keys and 4.2 mm thinner on the thin edge.

- Pre-orders for Kobo Forma start on October 16th. The official release date is October 23rd. It's sold for $ 299.

The press release also states that a 32GB version will be available in Japan on October 23rd and will be available in other countries at a later date.

Click here for a short introductory video.