Create kobocloud with dropbox account

Create kobocloud with dropbox account />

If your device is Kobo Forma, this feature is installed, you don't need any installation, you just need to activate the feature.

In this article, I will tell you how to transfer .epub e-books in my Dropbox account to my Kobo eReader via Wifi. First of all, I would like to mention that I have implemented this application on the 4.19.14123 software version on my Kobo Aura HD. Each device can produce different results in different versions, and you are responsible.

We download the installation file from the owner's library this link.

After connecting the eReader to the PC, we copy the downloaded installation file to the "KOBOeReader (H:) / .kobo" folder. After the process is complete, we disconnect the USB cable from the computer with the option of securely disconnect. eReader will perform the installation and restart after a while.

We connect the USB cable eReader to the PC again. Open the "Kobo eReader.conf" file in the "KOBOeReader (H:). kobo / Kobo" folder with any text editing program.

(I used Notepad ++) We add and save the following lines to an empty region like in the image. Do not disconnect the eReader from your computer, we will then edit another file.

fullscreenreading = true
Ignorecaptiveportal = true
Screenshots = false

We then go to our dropbox account from the computer and create a shareable link to a folder in the home directory.

After clicking on Share , we select Create Link ve and Copy Link orderly respectively to obtain the relevant link URL.

There were 2 .epub files in the "Public" folder that I opened to my DropBox account. Note that the file name must not contain special characters, special characters, or spaces.

Finally, we opened the link link "KOBOeReader (H:) / .kobo / kobocloud" in the "kobocloudrc" folder again with a text editing program,

We add and save the URL in the first line. The point to note is to leave no spaces at the end of the line.

After rebooting the eReader, simply sync the device with Wifi. It will download the .epub file in the corresponding folder in the DropBox to the device and add it to your library.