Journey to the hidden world of Kobo

Journey to the hidden world of Kobo />

Night mode has become one of the most popular modes that Kobo eBook readers love because it is an inverted text mode that some readers read with white text on a black background. The "kobo night mode" plug-in that I previously shared in my blog has lost this feature after new updates, but nowadays there is an easier way to use night mode in Kobo eReaders.

I tried it with my own device, the Kobo Aura HD, and it really works. Kobo's software developers have added the option of invert secreen, which is not normally visible on the eReader. All you need to do is enable developer settings and turn night mode on and off easily.

To enable Developer Settings, simply type "devmodeon" (without the double quotes) in the search bar of your Kobo device. Then go to Settings > Device information > Developer Options > View. From there, check the box that says "On" in the "Invert Screen" line and exit the menu. Night mode will be activated.
If you uncheck the box in the same way, it will be restored and you can even turn off the developer options by typing "devmodeoff" in the search bar.