One touch Koreader installation on Kobo ereader

One touch Koreader installation on Kobo ereader />

In this article, I will explain the installation of Koreder with one click to the Kobo eBook reader. First of all, I want to briefly mention Koreader. Koreader is an unofficial operating system that offers many features that do not have its own connection called Kobo nickel. Koreder displays an image in the form of an e-book in your library for migration, Koreder opens a session when you tap it.
Koreader has a number of features that appeal to Kobo users;

- Easily available dictionary files from anywhere with Stardict extension (very difficult to find a user-defined dictionary in Kobo nickel)
- The dictionary function is quite fast (When you touch the word you want to learn the meaning of Kobo nickel gives faster results)
- Ability to divide e-books with PDF extension into pages without using any zoom movement by using K2pdfopt library called PDF reflow,
- While Kobo cannot underline important points in nickel PDF e-books, it can be done in Koreader,
- Export underlined chapters and notes with Evernote plugin,
- Ability to use Wikipedia and Google Translate while connected via Wifi.

In addition, there are many features that you can discover when you start using them, such as changing fonts, changing the darkness of text, removing page margins.

NOTE: Published by the developer, We are adding the option into the Kobo eReader.config file using Notepad++ text editor in Computer > KOBOeReader (E:) > .kobo > Kobo folder.


For the Koreader board, all we need to do is extract the ZIP file from the developer page to the home directory of our device.

First, we connect our Kobo eReader to the computer via USB. We extract the ZIP archive named or download developer website this link into My Computer> KOBOeReader (E :), that is, the main directory of the eReader. We approve the change warning because it does not overwrite any file.
The following files will now be visible in the home directory, that's it!


In the Windows operating system, we remove the device by performing the Safely Remove Hardware process from the bottom right that we used to separate the USB memory / external disks from the device. The Kobo software will restart by pretending to process an ebook.
When our device finishes rebooting, just touch the KOReader icon on the home screen or in our library to switch to Koreader.

Koreader shows the main screen as a folder according to the authors of e-books, unlike Kobo nickel. When we switch to the folder and click the e-book, we will be able to start reading.
To exit Koreader, just select Exit in the upper right bar menu, and Kobo will return to the nickel home page.

IMPORTANTE: You will have to reinstall KFMon after a firmware update (since most FW update packages ship the vanilla version of the startup script patched to launch KFMon).