Transfer epub from Android phone to Kobo ereader

Transfer epub from Android phone to Kobo ereader />

Kobo e book reader is very enjoyable to read, we are going out of town or on holiday with a huge library we have taken with us. Most of the time, we may not have a computer in our location and we may forget to add the e-book we want to read to the library, or we may need to read an e-book that is not in our library. If our eReader isn't Kobo Forma, and the Dropbox account I mentioned in my previous articles isn't done with wireless e-book upload settings, we can only upload books to the device using a computer. At the moment (as of January 2020) wireless e-book uploads can be done only on Kobo Forma model without any installation. One of the frequently asked questions is;

Can I upload books to a Kobo eReader with a mobile phone? Is it possible to upload wireless e-books to a Kobo eReader with a smartphone?

With this method I will explain in this article we will be able to upload books to Kobo eReader using only smart phone. With the Android application I'm going to share (it could be Android or IOS in the same function), we can create a server via Hotspot WiFi and get the file we want to transfer to our Kobo reader, so we don't need to connect to any wireless network.

On a Hotspot WiFi hotspot, you can set an optional password, created with the Test name by selecting Settings -> Internet Sharing on smartphones or by Connections on the shortcut tab. Google Play is a free application in the market Share via HTTP - File Transfer in the meantime we are downloading to our smartphone. Internet is no required to retrieve files from Kobo but from Google Drive requires internet connection. After opening the application on the home screen by clicking Pick Files e-book on the smartphone to select the file we want to transfer.

After selecting an e-pub or PDF file, an IP number starting with http:// will appear in the application menu. Under the file name we will transfer to Kobo eReader. In the Kobo eReader, turn on WiFi and connect to the Hotspot Wi Fi network we created, in my example I connected to the Test network. In Kobo eReader, we open the web browser by selecting Menu -> Settings -> Beta Features -> Web Browser -> Start. He gave me the IP in the form of so that the Go button could be pressed. The File Download window will appear, Continue is making a selection and in the last step, we see the Download Complete information and close it. That's it!

We will see our new ebook loaded.